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Just a few minutes after I returned to my room, Michael came to the door. He only entered the room and told me he actually said about his wife, Mary, who had an affair, I say it was all a mistake Wories. I could see pichunters through my shirt that I was in the dark blue bra, could not get out pichunters pichunters of sight, and saw the growing bulge in his pants. After a few minutes I thought I would leave, but when he rose, walked straight towards me and his pack was there. I could not do anything against her, I reached out and opened it, his cock went straight into my face. I opened my mouth and what I was given, this time Michael was much softer, but once he arrived, only the zipper of his pants and left. The next day was back in the system again with Vivien, within a few trunks of me, where I had my head buried in her cunt. After cum, there was an embarrassing moment, which was broken by hTellig I pichunters had to go to work. Rayas said, I'm slow, and just stood and looked around to walk. When stripped completely steped smiled to me and put his hand on my cock. As my cock started very strong, pichunters I smiled and looked into my eyes, I said what he said, Mary 's ex-wife, you know I like clothes a bit. Well, while you're here, so it will be. Mary is small here in a while, and I saw, I would like to come up with me. I approached her, knowing her looking at me as we walked downstairs. When we entered the room had cleared the previous day, opened the door and beckoned me inside. When I had a range of lingerie on the bed, underwear, stockings garters, and a brazier, all decorated in white and lace. I stood there, looking naked in underwear doing my dick hard. She said, she hung up before Mary is pichunters here in ' Next. ' I have the league, then tIt was followed by the middle of the bra and panties. Vivien went to the closet and generate a blouse and skirt, which she gave to me - I knew that I wear, and so the appearance of his face that he did. Once I was dressed in skirt and blouse Vivien could not keep his hands off me, I thought it fortunate that Mary appeared in a few minutes. 'Well, looking, or is it,' he said, 'I'm sure that's exactly what we lived. ' ' Well Paul, I've been in the room and I brought the pants', as she bends over the bed of a cardboard box. 'Here's a pair of scissors, I want to cut. ' I looked at Vivien, who had a pichunters big smile on his face. I took the scissors and saw the pile of underwear, ' do not worry we do not need more,' he said. It took a couple, and Mary saw cut the federal government - in a few minutes I had it all cut. 'I said,' Mary said, 'Once in underwear you can do whatever you want with hin the '. ' Paul, you are saying to Vivien, what is it that for them, ' said Maria. ' What she said, ' I said. The look on Vivien 's face was a total surprise to me, I'm sure he was very surprised to see there, like me, you are safe, I thought it was queer. Mary was sitting in the chair in the room, 'reflection,' he said, I'm on my knees and felt her lift the skirt. 'Now? ''.. It rained when was the last time I saw Michael last night, ' blowing in my still sore from behind until I was crying and she reached into my pants and started masturbating, I was in a very short time maybe -. 30 seconds that the knees of Mary, when I looked up I saw Vivien has her hand on her lap. the look on his face said it all when I saw that I was Mary in her pussy and fingers the man with no real resistance has two fingers in me. Vivien was able to see clearly, my ass, I saw her trembling, his eyes glassy as they came. 'Paul, you have a wonderful experience. Vivies will show you how to find a wife. 'So if you are in the spa are working on this afternoon, you pichunters will make an appointment to see it. ' When I went to the spa, I had to wait about 15 minutes until Vivien. I took a room and told me to undress while I was wearing my underwear, she stopped me and gave me a pair of dark glasses and sat on the couch. She lowered her top went on, after a while he came and took me and told me to take her underwear and lie face up on the massage table. She leaned over me and told me that if I left my hair below the neck, once, before he had shaved his pubic hair - but I was not prepared for hair removal. I cried several times before she had finished, but as they pichunters had done, I felt like I was hairless below the neck and said a little burning. After visiting the spa, he learns that the Annex, where Mary was waiting for me. I want to see, he said. I took off my male clothes and Mary apparently was satisfied. She came up behindShe ran her hand in my underwear and gave me a handjob that lasted about a minute, if at all. Tomorrow, he said, you will be putting makeup. You just do what I say and Vivien to do with you, so if Michael does not care - you pichunters say you are lost. He is only part of your life, if I may say so, if you have no joy, then pichunters it is to me to be or Vivien. pichunters 'You can think about it, tomorrow you get to the office if you are wearing underwear, I know that you are willing to be pichunters our queen, as long as we lack. If you do not wear underwear, then you can leave is the best option. to think about it! '
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